Principales servicios


It doesn´t matter if you know ho to programme or not because you will be able to customize your games and get the maximum benefit from gamification through setting panels

For everyone

Although you don´t have any webs or software proyect we allow you to introduce gamification in your day to day and you are able to play against your friends.

Ready 2 Go

Decrease your development time and cost of gamificating your apps or processes through Gamifica.Me

Global games

Reach more players through the registered user database in Gamifica.Me

In smartphones

Through our API you can introduce gamification into your mobile applications.


We are with you, we study your processes and players to get the best application of games mechanics in each case.


First step

Analysis of needs for the gamification of your product or process and players.

Second step

Design of gamified process according to needs and players.

Third Step platform is used to simplify the development and costs.